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Kids brushing teethThe key to a lifetime of excellent dental health is the prevention as well as the early detection of potential problems


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Invisalign Teen orthodonticsThe new Invisalign Teen system straightens your teeth with custom-made clear aligners that are comfortable and practically invisible. 

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The most affordable dentistry is prevention. That''s why we work with parents to protect smiles from the first tooth. If you have had any significant dental treatment, you likely understand the financial implications of decay.

Investing in your child’s smile today may save you money as well as spare your child from costly work as an adult. Prevention is a gift that keeps giving over a lifetime.

Our fees are extremely competitive. We do everything we can to keep our services accessible.

Dental Insurance

We accept any dental insurance that allows the patient to see the provider of their choice. Please contact your insurance company to verify coverage in this office. Patient portions are due the

We participate only in traditional insurance plans, because the reduced compensation for services many insurance plans provide participating doctors prohibits us from providing quality services. If we are not on your plan''s list, please do not be discouraged from calling us. Many plans offer significant out-of-network benefits. We believe the high level of care we provide our patients is worth the small cost difference attributed to going out of network.

Although insurance is a wonderful benefit, it rarely covers the cost of treatment at 100%. Therefore, in order to assist you and avoid surprise balances, we track your insurance payments and let you know of any delays or problems. You will be responsible for any amount the insurance payment does not cover.